Monday, January 14, 2013

Da da da dah dubstep

There are lots of things that I’m BAD at and that I don’t like doing… here are some examples:

  •        Picking music when I’m riding in someone else’s car
  •        Roller-skating
  •        Running
  •        Ice skating
  •        Eating mayonnaise (SERIOUSLY yuck)
  •        Not eating chocolate
  •        Wakeboarding
  •        Talking to attractive men I don’t know
  •        Not wearing yoga pants to class

I think I’m bad at these things partially because I just am but probably because in some way, they all embody some type of “unknown” factor...but, as you may remember, I’m trying to get better at things that I don’t like doing…even if it’s not my’s what I mean:

So anyone who knows me knows that I HATE “Playing DJ” when I’m around anyone, even my friends. You all know what I’m talking about right? It’s like when you go into someone’s car and they will be like “Oh here, you can choose what we listen to!” and then hand you their iPod/iPhone.

UGH. I HATE that.

When this happens, and it happens all the time, I usually quickly reply with some sort of version of “Uh, um...nah you just choose. I’m fine with anything!” I don’t know, I just don’t like it. I never know what a good song progression is and if I’m forced to do it, inevitably after 10 minutes they take back their music. Basically, I hate choosing music and I’m just not good at it.

So of course this week, my friend asked me to be a DJ at her enormous “Back to School” party. Yes, I said PARTY. And of course she also happens to be the kind of person that you just don’t say no, I said YES. Me, Ms. Can’t Even Choose a Song on an IPod, said yes to DJ an entire party. What was I thinking???

Ahh but let’s fast forward to this weekend… DJ C (I.e. Me) is literally standing on a platform, in front of a huge crowd with speakers roaring, bass pumping, and looking down at a set of turntables…completely astounded. It was hour 3 of the party and the crowd had been cheering and dancing the.entire.time. I had done it. Who knows how but somehow, I swallowed my fears, took a chance, and somehow totally rocked being a DJ AT A PARTY!!

So this is the point of what I’m saying, if I can somehow pull off DJ-ing a dance party for hundreds of people, YOU ALL can do ANYTHING. You are amazing. Trust me. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

i love fresh starts?

So this week, a love (oops! I meant "a lot"...Freudian slip?) has changed...but since it's a new year, I'm trying to embrace the changes instead of hate them like I normally do.

I'm not very good with change...and by "not very good" I mean --> awful, terrible.

I once took an organizational behavior class where we had to take these tests to see what our personalities were like and one of them tested our "Tolerance for Ambiguity." Meaning, that it showed how open or not we were to take on unknown, new things. Let's just say I may or may not have had one of the lowest scores in the class...i.e. I suck at dealing with the unknown.

You see, I'm a planner. I like to know where I'm going and how to get there. I like to have a plan and stick to it....errgh...I guess that makes me sound pretty boring...but before you go thinking I'm some bland, never-tries-anything-new kind of girl, let me just say that this year I'm going to try to be a little different.


So to all of my lovelies out's my quote for the day:
@Donna von Nieda this is the quote I was talking about! So true yes?